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Looking for a salesman
Interested in joining, please friend send resume to company mailbox, or mail, we will reply within 5 days! Waiting for coming!

Working place:guangzhou

Hiring number:A number of

Learn through:college

Working time:More than three years

Salary range:negotiable

Accept resume language:Chinese

Job responsibilities:
  • 1、Responsible for the company's annual sales plan, lead the team to decompose and complete the company's annual target.
  • 2、Departments directly under the national education market oriented and channel dealers, to teaching material of book sales.
  • 3、Geared to the needs of customers and customer sales of secondary education industry, maintenance and management.
  • 4、Responsible for the sales amount receivable accepted.
  • 1、Marketing class. The first reason such major is preferred; Have 2 years experience in book marketing. Served as the school (department) or student cadre is preferred.
  • 2、Love education career, willing to long term in the book industry development.
  • 3、Outgoing to toughening, the thought is agile, expression ability is strong, have strong communication ability, communication ability is strong, have affinity, good at self management, good at team, good at training and coaching skills.
  • 4、Market analysis and judgment ability, is good at market development and maintenance capabilities, have good strain capacity.
  • 5、A sense of responsibility, bears hardships and stands hard work, loyalty can work under high pressure, obey organization arrangement.
Working time: 7.5 hours, at 8:30 in the morning - 12:00 PM in the afternoon - 18:00, double cease.
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